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Tree Removal and Trimming Milwaukee, Waukesha Tree Services and Tree Removal Waukesha Landscaping Commercial and ResidentialInspired by the Green Man Legend, Green Man Tree & Landscape is one of the only environmentally responsible tree care companies in Milwaukee and Waukesha County. As a Green Man client, you can be assured that our eco-friendly operation will reuse 100% of all trees and wood by-product removed from your property. As guardians of the urban forest, we feel that it is our responsibility to our customers & community to find innovative ways to recycle and reuse these precious green resources. We offer our customers competitive prices at little cost to the environment with all of our Milwaukee and Waukesha Tree Removal and Landscaping Services.

Why Choose Green Man for your Tree and Landscaping Services?

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Services we offer to Waukesha and Milwaukee include Tree Care, Tree Trimming, Pruning, Landscape Services and Tree Removal .   After your tree has been removed, it will be ‘tree-incarnated’ into everything from fine furniture to firewood, wood chips or even compost for local urban food producers and home gardeners. Thank you for the opportunity to look at your project…and may the Forest be with you!

All trees & wood by-products removed from your property will be reused to make fine furniture, Wood Chips, firewood or re-purposed into high quality compost and soil for gardeners and are available right here in Waukesha.

—-Special Winter Rates!—-

• Competitively priced products & services

• Certified Arborists & Professionally trained staff
• All tree services performed in an environmentally responsible manner
• BBB Accredited & Fully Insured
• Senior discounts Available

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