Commercial Landscape Maintenance

Commercial Landscape Maintenance by Green Man services all your commercial lawn service needs.

The staff at Green Man Tree & Landscape Services has over 30 years combined experience in landscaping and lawn maintenance under their belt.Waukesha Landscaper, Milwaukee tree Service Company, Tree Services, Tree Removal  A premier Landscaping Company, Green Man pride themselves on offering quality services in a cost effective and environmentally responsible manner. It is our number one goal to help our clients create and maintain beautiful landscapes while reducing the impact on the environment.  Green Man handles all aspects of landscape maintenance and does not out source any of its services.  You only need to make one call.  We handle it all.

Property managers and city foresters trust Green Man’s team of professionally trained staff who are available to meet your business, organization or municipalities commercial landscaping and Lawn Maintenance needs.

landscaping, Waukesha, Waukesha landscaping, Landscapers WaukeshaPlease call for seasonal package pricing. The services listed below can be customized to your yards individual needs.

Lawn Mowing*
Grass is cut in alternative directions to reduce compaction of soil, and create and attractive ‘diamond-shaped’ pattern.  Includes trimming grass along fence lines, buildings, trees and beds (done on an as needed basis, usually every 6-10 days.)

Granular Fertilization*
Promotes strong, healthy growth of your lawn.  Recommended 3x per year.

Shrub/ Bush Pruning*
All shrubs/bushes should be pruned throughout the season on as ‘as needed’ basis.  Recommended 2-3x per season to maintain health and shape.

Spring/Fall Cleanup*
Rake up and vacuum all leaves/lawn debris from lawn area and flowerbeds.  Prune any dead branches from shrubs/bushes as needed.  Recommended 1x in spring and 1-2x in fall.

Lawn De-Thatching*
Remove layer of dead turf grass tissue between the green vegetation and soil surface of your lawn. Helps maintain lawn health. Recommended 1x early spring.

Lawn /Core Aeration*
A process that loosens up compacted soil to help improve water and air penetration to your lawn. It also helps break up thatch and improves fertilizer uptake. Recommended 1x in fall.

Weed Control/Removal*
Spot spraying of weeds in flowerbeds as needed (bi-weekly).  Lawn weed spraying 1x in spring, summer and fall.

Bed Edging*
Hand spade or power edging of existing flowerbeds if needed.  Usually recommended 1x early spring.

Flower/Shrub Installation
Flowers/plants/shrubs of your choice will be delivered and installed in a professional manner.  Soil amenities and fertilizer may also be required.

* = Only available as part of a lawn care/maintenance package.

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