Commercial Tree Services in Waukesha and Milwaukee

Property managers and City Foresters trust Green Man’s team of professionally trained staff who are available to meet your business, organization or municipalities needs.

Tree Pruning And TrimmingCommercial Tree Removal and Tree Trimming Milwaukee and Waukesha, Tree Removal, Commercial, Waukesha, Landscaping

An important part of commercial tree service is tree pruning and trimming. Properly pruned trees live longer and retain a pleasing, natural appearance, improving the impression of your commercial property.

Tree Fertilization

Preserve your commercial tree and landscape investment with regular monitoring services and the application of fertilizer to replace lost nutrients, improving tree and shrub resistance to damage from diseases, insects and weather.

Shrub Pruning & Services

Professional shrub pruning services for your commercial property.

Emergency Storm Services

Commercial and municipal clients rely on our ability to provide timely storm services.  From Tree Removal to Tree Damage Assessment.

Green Man Tree & Landscape Services is one of the largest urban wood recyclers in Milwaukee and SE Wisconsin.

All trees & wood by-products removed from your property will be reused to make fine furniture, Wood Chips, firewood or repurposed into high quality compost and soil for gardeners and are available right here in Milwaukee.


Green Man Tree And Landscaping is:

• Competitively priced products & services
• Certified Arborists & Professionally trained staff
• All tree services performed in an environmentally responsible manner
• BBB Accredited & Fully Insured

Commercial Tree Removal, Commercial Tree Trimming Milwaukee and Waukesha, Commercial Tree Services Waukesha

Green Man Tree And Landscaping Service
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Commercial Tree Services, Tree Removal, Landscaping