Now is the time to inspect your trees

Spring is here and now is a good time to inspect them for any possible damage or issues.

Things to look for:cert-isafree

  • Hollow trunks
  • Small holes in trunk
  • Decay, such as cankers, cracks, soft or crumbling bark, and fungal activity
  • Shallow pits in the bark
  • Dead twigs and branches

If you notice something that worries you, schedule as consultation or inspection.  Saving a tree can be done quickly and will save money in the long run if an issue is found early enough.

Green Man offers a variety of services to help our residential customers maintain beautiful, healthy trees and shrubs. Our arborists and Specialists at Green Man Tree Services are experts in diagnosing and treating any tree issue a tree owner may have and are fully equipped and certified to handle any and all jobs. Whether it’s a simple pruning, or a full tree removal, our experts will get the job done. Our main goal is to keep your trees, and the surrounding area, in perfect condition. Our tree care specialists value safety and proper techniques above all else. In addition to maintaining your trees, we also offer a variety of plant health care solutions to enable you to keep your trees healthy, prevent tree damage and help protect your plants as well as your landscape.