Green Man Tree & Landscape Services prides itself on fully utilizing all parts of the tree and wood by-products in order to provide additional value added products to consumers.

Garden Soil
High quality garden soil composed of tree by-products. Call for pricing information.
More details coming soon.

High quality compost, composed of tree by-products.  Call for pricing information.  More details coming soon.

Wood Chips
Reused wood by-products are made into wood chips.  Call for pricing.  More information coming soon.

Rustic Wood Slabs
Milwaukee Wood SlabsGreen Man is able to provide sawmill services for the woodworker or custom furniture maker.  Individuals interested in products made from rustic wood slabs (such as bar/table tops or benches) please call Green Man today to learn more.

Firewood Milwaukee, Waukesha FirewoodCustomers are able to purchase high quality seasoned and unseasoned hard wood in half and full cords.  Mixed batches of hardwood include: oak, maple, cherry, locust, walnut and elm.  Bulk firewood discounts are available for orders of 3 or more cords of wood.  Prices vary by season, for pricing please call Green Man today.  Delivery available for the Metro-Milwaukee area.

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