Tree Planting

Tree and Shrub Planting

Green Man Tree and Landscaping takes care in every step of the tree planting process for Tree and Shrubs.  The Tree Care Experts and Arborists use environmentally friendly fertilization and treatments to make sure your trees and shrubs look grow healthy and strong while beautifying your property.

The Certified arborists and tree care experts at Green Man knows that it is important to be sure that you plant the right tree in the right place to be sure that your investment not only looks great, but will remain healthy for years to come.  Proper planting depth and placement is important as these factors are amplified as your tree grow larger and its roots grow deeper.  The Tree Specialists at Green Man are qualified to help you select the best tree for the area you want it to be placed.

Some Popular Trees are:

Ash Trees

Oak Trees

Maple Trees

Evergreen Trees




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