Tree Pruning

Green Man offers a variety of tree pruning services to help our residential customers maintain beautiful, healthy trees and shrubs. Our arborists and Specialists at Green Man Tree Services are experts at tree health and maintenance.  Our main goal is to keep your trees, and the surrounding area, in perfect condition.

Types of tree pruning services:

Crown thinning–  Removal of crowded, weak, dead or dying branches from a tree’s crown.  The remaining live canopy is thinned out to increase light penetration and reducing weight on branches.

Crown cleaning– Removal of crowded, weak, dead or dying branches from a tree’s crown.

Deadwood pruning–  All of the dead wood is pruned out of the tree’s crown.

Crown raising–  This is when we prune off the lower branches of the tree to provide room or clearance.

Training pruning–  This is done when you want to promote specific branches to grow in specific spaces on the tree with the intent to require less pruning in the future.

Our tree care specialists value safety and proper techniques above all else. In addition to trimming and pruning your trees, we also offer a variety of plant health care solutions to enable you to keep your trees healthy, prevent tree damage and help protect your plants as well as your landscape.

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