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Buckthorn treatment & removal is key as Buckthorn has become the greatest threat to our natural habitats. Buckthorn is an invasive plant that can cause various negative effects on the environment. According to the Wisconsin DNR, they can out-compete native plants, degrade wildlife habitat, threaten natural ecosystems, contribute to erosion, and host other pests.

With a longer growing season, no natural predators, and the ability to flourish in all habitats, buckthorn is quickly destroying ecosystems across the Midwest. Buckthorn will veraciously grow in all environments, from full sun, full shade, dry soil, wet soil, and even sand. Buckthorn creates an impenetrable layer that takes over the understory and forest canopy killing native plants and trees. It also releases a toxic chemical that alters the existing soil so that only buckthorn will grow.

If not stopped, buckthorn will destroy all native hardwood forests and the timber industry and have a devastating impact on animal populations, including our beloved whitetail deer. There will be no more oak savannahs, forests, or native plants if WE do not do our part to stop it.

Our team at Green Man Tree & Buckthorn Services brings over 17 years of expertise in effectively removing buckthorn, an invasive species that threaten the health of your property. We are not just experts in eradication; we also understand the importance of educating our clients about the impact of buckthorn.

Call us today to schedule an appointment. We will walk around the property with you to get a better understanding of the concerns you have and then produce a step-by-step plan to attack and eliminate Buckthorn from your property. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Buckthorn leaves and berries

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