Is this the right time for Tree Planting

Spring seems like a good time for planting trees. Nurseries have the biggest selection at this time of the year so it must be the best time to plant, or else why would they have all these trees available?

Planting in spring gives the tree a chance to grow all summer and get ready for winter. Right after planting, leaves develop and they are able to make food for the plant all summer.  When a tree is planted it needs to make new roots. Planting in spring means that the tree needs to make new roots at the same time as it makes new leaves. Both of these growth processes require sugar reserves that are stored in the roots, and stems. Trying to grow both leaves and stems at the same time is taxing for the plant and both processes can suffer. This growth not only requires sugars, but it also requires a lot of water. With a limited root system, the plant can have problems getting enough water. This is why some newly planted trees drop some or all of their leaves shortly after planting. They just can’t suck up enough water to support all of the leaves.  A fall planting allows the tree to grow roots in fall and again early spring before leaves develop. This gives the tree a good chance to lay down a good set of roots before they need to collect water and nutrients for the leaves.

Climate is an important factor to consider as seasonal weather conditions can determine the right planting time.  Trees need time to root and some experts feel that fall is a better time in some areas.

Is Spring the right time?  Or is it Fall?  the thing is that water is key.  Summer usually has more water availability for recovering trees while winter can be colder and can be taxing on the trees.  Some experts prefer Spring while some prefer Fall.

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